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Stage Plays

Home for Christmas                                                                                      
Status:  Available

This full length comedy is set in Parklands Residential Home for the Elderly.  A new resident, Nicholas comes to the home.  Matron thinks he is a bit senile but some of the other residents, Major, Dottie and Florrie befriend him.  Nicholas thinks he is really Santa Claus and is desperate to get home as Christmas is approaching.  

The residents set about trying to help him escape from the home.  They try various hilarious ways of trying to get him out of the home in time, including antics with a sacred rat borrowed from the local Indian shopkeeper. 

Florrie     You’re him, aren’t you?  I knew it! I just knew I had seen you before.  I thought you looked familiar.  The rosy cheeks, the white beard.  The bulbous nose – oh sorry.  Like on Christmas cards.
Major    Florrie, don’t be so rude.  I would have thought that your private school education would have taught you better.

Status:  Available

In this full length stage play David and Jenny are delighted to have their own home, at last.  Edith, David’s grandmother left David her house in her Will but she hasn’t actually departed to the other side yet. 

Jenny feels her presence in the house and it causes upset and distress for the young couple.  Jealously and bitterness cause problems until Jenny gets advice from her friend on how to send the grandmother away once and for all.


Hey, what’s the matter.


Don’t know.  I just get the feeling I’m being watched.  I’ve felt it all day.  (WHISPERING)  You don’t feel it?

Change the World                                                                                  
Status:  Available

This is a full length stage play telling the story of what happens to a teenager Adam when he runs away to the big city. 

He is befriended by two homeless men, George and Eric who help him with getting to grips with life on the street. He meets Betty, another runaway, working as a prostitute and dreams of a better life with her. He gets a chance when he finds a scratch card and wins a small amount of money. 


I got a job.  Because I got this suit and an address I went down the job centre and got a job, in the kitchen down at Mancini’s.  Just washing up and stuff to start with.


Bloody hell, a new suit, a place to live, and now a job.

Adam I thought you wanted to get out of this life. I thought you wanted it too.

Who's that Girl?                                                                                  
Status:  Available

This is a short 20 min play about Stephanie and Daniel who are a happily married couple.  Their lives are turned upside down when a strange teenage girl Abi arrives saying that she is Daniel’s daughter.


What did you say?


Daniel, he's my dad.

Stephanie Don’t be ridiculous.  We’ve been married for nearly three years now.  I    think I would know if he had a child.


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