Carol Sheppard


Status:  Available

Length:  10 mins - Gritty Drama

Life on a city council estate is not easy.  The place is full of youngsters playing truant, teenage mums and unemployed men.  Life is especially hard for Kirsty who lives with just her mum Sue, who prefers drink and men to being a good mother.  Kirsty and her friend Shelley are determined to make better lives for themselves.  Cut to eighteen months down the line, Kirsty has a young baby and Shelley is heavily pregnant.  Their hopes have turned to ashes.  The circle of life continues on.

This short film script came second in the Script 1 competition held in conjunction with the International Screenwriters Festival in Cheltenham in 2008.

Dear Stranger                                                                                   
Status:  Under Development with Producer

Length:  90 mins - Romantic Comedy

Louise travels to Spain to finish writing her novel.  Her plans are disrupted when she finds two brothers Jez and Bryn double booked into the same villa.  Unfortunately the town is full due to the Festival of Lights and there is nowhere else available.  They have to put up with each other and their differences, exacerbated by the arrival of fun loving Bonnie and the handsome gardener Enrique.   Louise and Jez realise their feelings at the Festival of Lights where the tradition of kissing your true love at midnight might just come true.

A Unworthy Daughter                                                                            
Status:  Available

Helen is engaged to Richard, a wealthy man approved by her family.  She does not love Richard and falls in love with the stable boy Jack and is disowned by her family.  She runs away with Jack but sadly he dies a few years later.  Homeless and penniless she returns home to find her beloved father has died and the house ruled by her vindictive mother.  Her mother locks her into a room and she stays prisoner for over 25 years.  Her only friend a lowly maid eventually tells Richard and they plot to free her from her incarceration.

This story is based loosely on a true story.

Who's that Girl?                                                                                  
Status:  Available

This is a short 20 min play about Stephanie and Daniel who are a happily married couple.  Their lives are turned upside down when a strange teenage girl Abi arrives saying that she is Daniel’s daughter.


What did you say?


Daniel, he's my dad.

Stephanie Don’t be ridiculous.  We’ve been married for nearly three years now.  I    think I would know if he had a child.


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